There are several excellent wine products on the market but due to poor branding they will never be selected at the consumer level. Quartermasters’ solution to this problem is to approach the marketing of wine from another perspective, by licensing the wine branding as the first step. The innovative trademarked ACES Branding is strong on its own but through proper marketing it will stand on the shoulders of the world-wide phenomenon of the gambling culture. The selection of a high quality Californian blend will put the product over the top.

We have plenty of interest from high profile Distributors in the ACES Branding. We have the ability to brand wine in any country, sourcing the best grapes from that region. We also have the ability to produce an incredibly large supply of wine, using the blending of wine makers not being limited to the capacity of a single vineyard.
ACES is a trademarked Brand.

Please view our video presentation by clicking HERE.