Lodi California Wine Selection

News Release 10/26/2016

Lodi California Wine Selection

October 26th 2016: Quartermaster Brands Inc. (“QB”) would like to thank all our investors for their continued patience as we have now entered into an exciting period for Quartermaster Brands. Recently our team has visited Lodi, California to select our red wine, visited wine producing facilities and have moved closer to completing a production agreement which will see us creating wine for sale in a few short months.

Lodi, California which is known for its grape growing capacity and increasing recognition as a region for notable Vineyards was the focus of a trip during the period of September 26th to September 30th 2016.

QB had several successful meetings throughout the 5 day trip, primarily meeting winemakers and visiting possible production facilities. Our team was impressed with everybody we met on our trip and would like thank everybody for their gracious hospitality in a truly amazing part of the world. Quartermaster was introduced to Jeff Hanson, the President of AH Wines (www.ahwines.com) and the Director of Winemaking, Jon Affonso on the Wednesday and it was clear to us that we were at a world class facility surrounded by a very knowledgeable team. Their first class facility, winemaking ability, and expertise in compliance will be an incredible asset in our journey to become a producer of the ACES Brand.

With a clear goal in mind as to what we expect from our red wine we approached Jon Affonso of AH Wines who gathered information from the Quartermaster team to design our blend as we sampled past creations. Below is a descriptive paragraph describing Jon’s journey and solidifies his expertise in Winemaking;

“Jon’s winemaking pursuit began by earning a Master’s Degree in Enology from Fresno state. While there, he worked as a research scientist studying various agricultural techniques to optimize fruit quality. After that, he moved on to work for Chateau Angelus (a Premier Grand Cru winery in St. Emilion, France) learning traditional French winemaking techniques. From there he was hired as a research Enologist for Trinchero Family Estates in St. Helena, Napa where he studied various technical and advanced winemaking techniques. Jon was offered the job as the Assistant Winemaker for Dry Creek Vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma. There he was able to hone his craft and make some award winning wines. In order to round out his significant education and experience, Jon pursued an MBA degree specialized in Wine Business at Sonoma State. It was during his education there that he wrote a business proposal to start a winery that spawned the idea for Rail Bridge Cellars. Currently, Jon is the Chief Winemaker for AH Wines”.

At this time, Jon is currently sourcing our grapes to build our wine. He will then prepare 4 blends using the notes taken and his influence to be sent north of the border for a wine tasting. The final step will be to tweak the selected product, if necessary, into a blend that both Jon and our team are pleased with.

The most significant discovery of the trip was our ability as Quartermaster Brands to enter into an Alternating Proprietorship, Service and Management agreement with AH Wines. This will allow Quartermaster to act as a licensed Californian wine producer which will grant QB authority to deal directly with Retail outlets in California and other States, eliminating the Distributor and increasing the profitability. This will also establish Quartermaster as a part owner and operator of a Californian based Winemaking Facility. If Quartermaster selects to only purchase the wine from AH Wines, the arrangement will be similar, but we will be using the license of AH Wines to produce and distribute.

Quartermaster Brands is required by the Canadian Securities Exchange to demonstrate profitability before we can publicly list. QB is very excited to finally begin the winemaking process and plans to create initial income through runs of wine production. Going forward, we are projecting Q3 or Q4 of 2017 as our start date of the public listing process. Once again, thank you to all investors for your patience and support.

Below are a series of images from the Lodi Trip:

Image 1: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Aging Barrels and Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank Farm


Image 2: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Aging Barrels and Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank Farm.


Image 3: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Grape Crusher and Destemmer.


Image 4: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Grape Press behind the Grape Crusher and Destemmer.


Image 5: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Bottling Line.


Image 6: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Jamie Crain inspecting the quality of the Bottling Line.


Image 7: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. Dry Good Storage Facility. Note the ACES cases.


Image 8: AH Wines’ Lodi Facility. State of the Art Wine Filtration System. Only the second to be installed in North America.


About AH Wines
AH Wines (AHW) (www.ahwines.com) is a Lodi, California based, vertically integrated wine company, with operations that include: vineyards, wine production, wholesale distribution, importing, exporting, private label production, brand management and direct to consumer (e-commerce) sales. The company’s base, Lodi, is the commercial center of California’s wine industry and an instrumental component to the AHW’s competitive advantage.

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