Establishment of US Subsidiary

News Release 12/20/2016

Establishment of US Subsidiary

December 20th 2016: Quartermaster Brands Inc. (“QB”) has now created Quartermaster Brands USA Inc. (“QB USA”), a United States Subsidiary Company incorporated in the state of California. The Subsidiary will run all of the US operations to ensure proper compliance is maintained. QB USA, which is 100% owned by QB, will be managed by the same team.

QB USA has a business address of 27 E Vine St. in Lodi, California at the site of the Production Facility. Management has worked with AH Wines to select quality producers to build the individual units of the case. All units, including twist off caps, bottles, printed boxes and labels are now being ordered and shipped to our California location. We are currently anticipating that our build of 1,000 ACES Red Wine Cases will begin in late January.

The selection for our ACES White Wine has now begun as well. Currently Jon Affonso, our Winemaker, is preparing the first test sample to be shipped to Canada.

Quartermaster Brands is required by the Canadian Securities Exchange to demonstrate profitability before we can publicly list. Going forward, we are projecting Q3 or Q4 of 2017 as our start date of the public listing process. Once again, thank you to all investors for your patience and support.

About AH Wines
AH Wines (AHW) ( is a Lodi, California based, vertically integrated wine company, with operations that include: vineyards, wine production, wholesale distribution, importing, exporting, private label production, brand management and direct to consumer (e-commerce) sales. The company’s base, Lodi, is the commercial center of California’s wine industry and an instrumental component to the AHW’s competitive advantage.

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