Completion of the Bridge Contract

News Release 2/3/2017

Completion of the Bridge Contract

February 3rd 2017: Quartermaster Brands USA Inc. (“QB USA”) has now completed what we are calling a Bridge Contract with AH Wines, Inc. This contract will serve as a temporary agreement that will ensure consistent pricing and will allow QB USA to operate under AH Wines production license. The temporary agreement is a necessary intermediate step as we work towards finalizing the Alternating Proprietorship Agreement, which will allow Quartermaster Brands USA Inc. to become and operate as a licensed wine producer.

The build of 1,000 ACES California CHIPSTACK Red Wine Cases will begin in a few weeks’ time. First sales of this product can be expected by early March and will qualify Quartermaster Brands as demonstrating profitability. This will be a significant step in the process of listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Please visit our website to find the tasting notes for the CHIPSTACK Red Wine!

About AH Wines
AH Wines (AHW) ( is a Lodi, California based, vertically integrated wine company, with operations that include: vineyards, wine production, wholesale distribution, importing, exporting, private label production, brand management and direct to consumer (e-commerce) sales. The company’s base, Lodi, is the commercial center of California’s wine industry and an instrumental component to the AHW’s competitive advantage.

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